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An old Victorian table with a faded top – discovered in a salvage yard in Scotland. Someone tried to make it look respectable again. But its past can’t be erased.

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A beautiful occasional table in the late Victorian style. It could have graced any upmarket residence. But it’s not until you see how the tabletop was decorated that suspicions begin to arise as to its former use. What’s more, the design is quite faded, almost as if someone has tried to erase its past – but didn’t quite succeed. This begs the question – where did it come from and what was its purpose?

The label underneath the table says, ‘Made in Scotland’ and that’s where it was found. Buried under a pile of old chairs in a dusty corner of a now abandoned salvage yard. Perhaps it was indeed salvaged from a country house. But what if that house was Boleskine – the infamous residence overlooking Loch Ness and the former home of ‘the wickedest man in the world’?

The possibilities for storytelling with this prop are endless. The above is a shortened version of the one we’ve been using.

Mensa Malorum – what is it?

Mensa Malorum (table of evil), is a summoning table featuring a tabletop decorated with the Triangle of Solomon. Derived from various grimoires of the Medieval period, the Triangle of Solomon is a symbol used as a tool in ritual magic. It’s predominantly used to contain or otherwise control spirits such as Kabbalistic angels and Goetic demons.

The difference with this summoning triangle is that we’ve helped things along with the addition of two DA supercoils embedded into the tabletop. One is located just inside the circle for spirit manifestations. The other is located at the top of the triangle for those demons who insist on disturbing the peace! They will make any gaffed item jump or move and are under your control at all times.


Using the backstory described above, or one of your own, the performer suggests an experiment to see if there are still any residual energies present in the table.

At this point you could introduce a photograph of a certain occultist if you prefer to assist in the conjuring of spirits or demons. Small candles are lit in each of the three small bowls, which are then placed on each point of the triangle.

Using the spirit bell supplied or other gaffed item you proceed to demonstrate how evil still lurks within the very fabric of this artefact. Conclude by making the bowl at the top of the triangle jump – a sure sign that this ritiual must cease and that the experiment was a success.

Details, details…

The table is controlled using hidden remotes, when fired they send a powerful jolt through the coils in the table. Each remote comes with your choice of toe switches or magnetic switches. The table has two methods of operation which are selected using a mode switch. Dual mode or single mode. Single mode allows you to just use one toe or magnetic switch and will fire each coil alternately.

The table has been hand-painted, lightly aged and then ebonised. It breaks down easily for transportation (top and legs) and can be set up in five minutes. Once set up it’s very sturdy and can be used as a performance table for other effects should you wish. A neat addition is the vintage furniture label beneath the tabletop. This serves another function as hides the on/off switch. It’s held in place with magnets so sliding it to one side provides access to the switch, which means the table can be put in standby mode before or during the performance.

What’s included

The kit includes the following:

  • The Mensa Malorum – summoning table
  • Three painted wooden bowls one of which is gaffed
  • Two key-fob remotes with either toe or magnetic switches
  • Gaffed spirit bell for use on the table
  • All necessary fastening bolts and an Allen key
  • Instruction booklet with basic routine
  • Certificate of authenticity


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Additional information

Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 58 × 58 × 70 cm

1 review for Mensa Malorum – Summoning Table

  1. Boxington

    The table is exquisite. It has excellent weight like a common table. I put a black tablecloth over it and, let me tell you, pulling that off to reveal the Summoning Triangle underneath it is a great way to introduce your routine.
    The gaffed bowl is great but you really need to carefully find the sweet spot for the bell. I’m already thinking of new stories to add to the included tale.
    I’m very pleased! Nick made my shopping experience top notch.

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