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Outlaw Effects - Inquisitor



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The description below is from the old Outlaw website:

A rare relic of a time long gone. Kept and used by the local Magistrate for “confirmation” of possible signs of witchcraft. A preliminary result with The Inquisitor could mean freedom of burning at the stake.

If the witch refused to place their hand in the box, it was a sign that evil was close by. If the witch would place their hand in the box, they would feel the hand heating up as if the inside of the box were starting to burn. If there was no sign of “witchcraft” their hand would begin to feel cold. A truly strange and frightening artifact of the 18th century. The Inquisitor, from a suggestion by Eddie Garland.

This box required that the person being tested not only place their hand in the box, but a wood stock is then lowered over their wrist and the lid shut and latched. The Inquisitor is not rigged, gaffed or electronic. It works on fear and suggestion.

This is one of the early (non-gaffed) ones, we’ve rusted it and roached it out a bit more – just as it should be. Comes with basic instruction sheet.

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