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Outlaw - Hobbs Box (special version)



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This is a very special, one of a kind, Hobbs Box.

It works just as you’d expect but we’ve fitted all new electronics to this one. Instead of the usual 24 x AAA batteries it now only uses 4 x AAAs and is actually more powerful. It will throw a Relic approx 10 inches in the air. It’s also had a chain fitted to support the heavy lid. Oh, and we’ve added a bit of our ‘special sauce’ to make it look even more old and creepy. Brass plaque on the lid says ‘Hobb’s & Co’, there is no label inside the lid. Comes complete with spirit bell, copy of original instructions and supplement from Dark Artefacts. Gaffed matchbox not included.

The following description is from the old Outlaw website:

A Colonial-era desktop utility box. Aged pine wood and antiqued. It will hold the spirit bell, Luna books, Dekranom, Carnie cards etc. The box has a powerful electro-magnetic coil built into the lid and will ring the bell, blow a Relic off the top, make a PK ring slide across the top, or any “supernatural” phenomenon you may be inspired to create. It has a single toe remote. There is a reed switch built into the bottom, so once it’s loaded with batteries you just remove the small disc magnet from the bottom and it is active, replace the magnet and it shuts down.

It is a very heavy solid box. 100% examinable. No wires going to the lid. Comes with an aged bell stand and brass spirit bell. The bell and stand fit in the box. This bell can also be used with the Spiritus, Oculus and soon to be released Dark board.

This is a limited edition of 75 handmade units.


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm