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12-year-old Frieda Kirshner kept her precious possessions in an old wine box. These were her memories. She also kept something else in the box. Something that would eventually be sealed in the box awaiting Frieda’s return.
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During the German occupation of Poland, 12-year-old Frieda Kirshner kept her most precious possessions in an old wine box that belonged to her father. These were her memories. She also kept something else in the box. Something she coveted and spoke to every day searching for answers. Something she confided in – about her darkest fears. Something that would eventually be sealed in the box awaiting Frieda’s return.

The box was kept hidden in a safe place for many years and, prior to her passing, gifted to Frieda’s son Oskar before he eventually sold it. His reason for selling it was because he suspected it was causing him and his own family to become unwell.

Since then, it’s been owned by several others who all reported different experiences of it. Some commented that they could hear the bell ringing. Others that the drawer is always open, despite them closing it.

Now it’s looking for a new home and you and your audience can contact Frieda whenever you like. She’ll answer questions, but if certain memories are evoked, she’ll also tell you when she’s had enough and it’s time to put her things away.

This is our interpretation of the infamous D7bbuk box. Under your control at all times – the bell will ring and can be used to answer questions during séance routines. When the presentation is over Frieda’s presence may still be felt. At least we assume it’s Frieda.

Details, details…

The Gift has been designed to look like a very old wine box, the type that was used to hold two demi (half) bottles of wine. It comes with period correct accessories including the bell and other artefacts including a photo of Frieda and a black votive candle. Everything can be stored in the removable drawer.

The box will withstand full examination – there’s nothing to find but yet it’s under your command at all times. Uses only 4 x AAA batteries.

What’s included

  • The Gift, aged Dybbuk box
  • Brass spirit bell
  • Artefacts including an aged photo of Frieda
  • Black votive candle
  • 2 x Remotes with t0e or m@gnetic switches
  • Instruction booklet with full routine



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Dimensions 10 × 22 × 35 cm

4 reviews for The Gift

  1. William D. Will

    Nick has once again created an absolutely fantastic prop for the Bizzarist. His perfectionism is expressed in every detail of the extraordinary work of “The Gift”. With the historical background and an appropriately created mood, a very, very powerful performance can be created with this effect.
    I thank him very much for his brilliant work.

  2. sautieres

    The object is intriguing and can only arouse curiosity. It doesn’t look like it’s authentic, it is authentic.
    Everything is perfect, from the idea to the design and has been carefully thought out.
    The drawer that opens on command is the icing on the cake for me.
    “The Gift” is a marvel and I am happy to have it in my possession.

  3. Paul Forster

    I had the pleasure of visiting Nicks workshop and studio, not only did I get a fantastic tour, I got to see the other wonderful creations he has built,
    The Gift being one of them.
    The box is a work of art and the story that goes with it is compelling, realistic and emotionally charged. The level of detail included in the props and the routine are fantastic.
    I used this in a seance only four days after taking The Gift home with me. The workings are so easy which allows your to focus on the powerful story.

    The show was a huge success and my audience were swept away with the history and story which comes with ‘The Gift’.
    I cannot recommend this highly enough. Nick has created a timeless piece of theatre which is guaranteed to thrill your audience.

  4. Mika Viljanen (verified owner)

    The Gift is a stellar example of exquisite skill in prop building. Every little detail screams authenticity. It visually tells a story on its own, beckoning the curious. The carefully constructed routine takes it much further, creating a great playground for the performer. When not in use, it will be proudly displayed at our house-as a piece of art should be.

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