Beyond Death
(The K0shkin Effect)

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The 1960s. A strange and highly secretive Soviet program and a unique relic. This is a dark mentalism routine that involves the audience in an experiment in extra sensory perception from beyond the veil.

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During the late 1960s and the cold war, a very different arms race broke out when the United States became aware of a special, highly secretive Soviet program.

The USSR, it appears, were focusing enormous resources on innovating ever-stranger and more sophisticated modes of spy craft. One of them was psychic power. This special program codenamed ‘Griff0n’ in English, used paranormal techniques to spy on the West – specifically, rem0te vi3wing. The head of this special unit and one of the most successful remote viewers in the Soviet Union was Aleks@nder K0shkin.

Following K0shkin’s demise, a death mask was cast. Rumours and folklore have surrounded this unique artefact ever since. Some have even testified that anyone wearing the mask has the potential to become a recipient of K0shkin’s unique and incredible skills.

Beyond Death is a mentalism-type effect that uses audience participation during a controlled experiment into remote viewing.

The effect

The performer asks the audience members if anyone is familiar with the cold war and in particular the methods the Soviets used to spy on the West. Next, the performer states that they have some relics from this period and gestures towards an easel covered with a cloth and a weathered file on the table bound with string.

They go on to describe the secret programs being conducted and the man who led them – Aleks@nder K0shkin and his unique psychic abilities and in particular, his uncanny ability to remotely view, places and objects thousands of miles away using only a set of coordinates. The performer goes on to recount how upon K0shkin’s passing several death masks were cast and how special powers are said to be bestowed on whoever wares this macabre relic.

Next the performer describes how only three of these masks have ever been found, including the one they have in their possession and which they would like to share with the audience.

The performer removes the cloth to display the K0shkin death mask in its display case. They then draw attention to the Soviet file on the table, open it and display the contents – a series of control photographs, some envelopes and other artefacts belonging to K0shkin.

The performer suggests an experiment and requests five members of the audience to assist in a demonstration of remote viewing. The control photographs, together with five envelopes are handed out for examination. Each participant is given the choice of one of the control pictures from the file to study and place in one of the envelopes while the performer’s back is turned.

One of the envelopes is selected. The performer carefully removes the death mask from the case and slowly places it towards their face. They are then able to accurately answer questions and describe the location in detail. The envelope is opened, and the location is found to match their description perfectly. This is repeated several times and each time the description is uncannily accurate down to the last detail.

As a final act, the performer suggests one of the participants try the test and upon placing the death mask in front of their face they too can reveal any of the control photograph locations after they have been placed in one of the envelopes.

Details, details, details…

The mask has been meticulously modelled by one of the finest prop makers in the business, they are then reproduced and aged in the Dark Artefacts studio. The shadow box display case is made from solid timber, with brass fittings and aged to perfection.

The Soviet era files have been reproduced using period-correct materials and then subtly aged using multiple techniques. Every aspect of this effect has been carefully researched and produced to create a routine and set of props you’ll enjoy performing and be proud to own and display.

What’s included:

The kit includes the following:

  • K0shkin death mask
  • Gaffed shadow box display case
  • Easel to support shadow box
  • Five gaffed control photographs
  • Self-contained RFID reader and thumper
  • Soviet files, envelopes and K0shkin’s KGB ID card
  • Instruction booklet with full routine and performance tips
  • Dark Artefacts tag

We’d like to thank Mark Thorold for the inspiration behind this effect.

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